About The Author

There’s probably only two things that you need to know about me that will help in understanding this blog.  First, that I always tend to champion the underdog.  (Or, in my case, the undercat, see below.)

So, when as a tot, my Mum had let me watch over ants eating a sugar-lump, and the boy from next door stamped on it, killing the ants, I was outraged (I still mourn the ants!)  Similarly, at primary school, I wrote a project called ‘Our Friends the Spiders’. I had found out that the world would be over-run by flies, if the eight-legged critters weren’t around eating them.  So I’m pretty often on the side of the losers, aren’t I?  (I’m assuming that spiders can be considered losers, because we humans usually label them as that, or worse.)

Seaweed, or sea greens as they are sometimes known, are similarly despised.   But they are choc-full of iodine, omega 3, protein, calcium, vitamins, fiber and minerals, and they slurp up carbon from the atmosphere more quickly than most land-plants, so actually they are both pretty and wonderful.  So this little blog is on their side, and the side of those humans helping the marine environment as they are also often unsung heroes.

Secondly, I love scribbling.  I think a lot people don’t like writing, but I do, and have done since I was about six.  I find it helps me think.  Hence a blog.  It’s a brilliant idea and I was taught blogging by The Gentle Author, who’s an expert, so please blame him for my deficiencies, but, of course, please give me any praise!  ;))

Finally, I have beautiful cat, called Mr Stray, who was once a stray and at one point had an air-gun pellet in his cheek.  Mr Stray likes company, so writing is good as it makes him happy and means he stays at home with me, away from bullets.

If you have any questions, please get in touch…