Seaweed bottles

As you, Dear Reader, probably know, our oceans are littered with plastic and it’s killing wildlife.  The World Economic Forum has said that if we go on at our current rate then by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

Rodrigo Gonzalez became worried about plastics a few years ago, so he made a co-founded Skipping Rock Lab, which makes bottles out of seaweed.  These seaweed containers look and feel slightly soft, like a fruit, but they can hold liquids like water, lemonade mixed with charcoal (see pics).  These squidgy little containers are good to eat too!  So one technique for using them involves eating them after biting them to drink whatever they contain. I’ve done it at a reception at Second Home in Spitalfields and these dinky little items taste of airy nothingness, they are clear and skin-like to touch, with a soft texture: skin on custard mixed with tasteless jellyfish.




Rodrigo Gonzalez’s Skipping Rocks

Ari Jónsson’s seaweed bottles:

Algopack – French Company that is making rigid packaging from waste algae:

The New Plastics Economy Report, World Economic Forum: