Mechanical Kelp Dredging banned in Scotland

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Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have made it illegal to mechanically dredge kelp forests in West Scotland.  Led by the wonderful Mark Ruskell, MSP, they passed a law (in Nov 2018) prohibiting mechanical kep dredging. This would have involved using a mechanical rake, about 4m across, to pull the kelp up by its roots.  The base of the kelps probably would have been dumped to rot on beaches or at sea.  Chemicals such as formaldehyde were likely to have been used to process the kelp, and, in all probability, the chemical waste would then have been dumped.  This would have meant ecocide, and it’s so important that its been stopped.

Thank you MSPs, the charity SIFT, campaigner Ailsa McLellan, and all the thousands of people who made this possible